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Seb Houslek
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Default Favourite Video Games Ever

Top 3 from each of you

1. Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time
2. FFX
3. Banjo Kazooie

Special mentions go to Mario, Assassins creed, super smash bros and the first pokemon game
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1. FFX
2. Crash Bandicoot
3. Digimon World 2

Driver, Resonance of Fate and Sonic the Hedgehog are very close.
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Fatal Jay
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1: Killing Floor
2: Metal Gear Solid 1 & 3
3: Portal

I work in game retail, I see every new release that comes out and as a result I've beome kind of a gaming snob. I find it surprising that most games that are any good nowadays are all on the indie scene
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Street Fighter 2
Secret of Mana
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Constable Knocks
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Originally Posted by Fatal Jay View Post
I work in game retail, I see every new release that comes out and as a result I've beome kind of a gaming snob. I find it surprising that most games that are any good nowadays are all on the indie scene

That's because Indie games don't have to rake back millions of pounds/dollars in production costs. An average AAA game (Big game company game) costs so much to make these days that you've got to appeal to a large market, rather than a niche that indie developers can do.

Anyways, I have a long list of favourite games, so I'm going to choose the top three with most sentimental value to me rather than the "best of the best" so to speak.

1) Final Fantasy IX
One of the first games I got, and a game that I still love to play even to this day. In my opinion, it's one of the best FF games of all time.

2) Metal Gear Series
I'm saying the whole series rather than just one game since I love all of them, and as semi-sequential plots they can be considered as one long games in four parts, rather than just a game like Mario that just has the same characters.

3) Pokémon Black/White.
I Like all the Pokémon games, but I like this one the most, simply because of the facts that it tries to emulate the original game (Blue/Red) by only having a 150 unique Pokémon before adding the 72,000 others and also that it has the only "different" ending of the whole series which was a refreshing change.

4) Zelda: Links Awakening
Yeah, I know it's Top 3, but screw it, I'm going to do a top 5. This game was the first Zelda game I played, and honestly, it's one of my favourites, only because it's the most "Unique" of all the Zelda games because of the fact it has neither Zelda, the Triforce, Hyrule, Ganon/Gandorf or any of the other main characters of the series, (Except Link of course). This game was the reason I thought Link was called Zelda. Because I couldn't understand why a game would be called "The Legend of Zelda" but not have a character called Zelda in it.

5) Zelda: Twilight Princess
Amazing graphics for a Wii game, great soundtrack, good gameplay, nice sidequests and a relatively interesting plot for a "Save the Princess/World" game. It's a game you'd have to play to understand why it's so good. It's not that much different from most Zelda games in many respects, but for some reason it's just seem better to play.

Other Mentions:
Assassin's Creed (Series), Sid Meier's Pirates, Civilization (Series), Sim City (Series), The Sims (Series), The Total War series, The Sierra city building series (Pharaoh/Ceaser/Zeus/Emperor RotMK), Fable (Series), Champ Man/Football Manager (Series), Spore, Theme Park, Theme Park World, Theme Hospital, Final Fantasy series (Except VIII), Tropico (Series), Black & White (Series), The Elder Scrolls series, Industry Giant II, Patrician (series), Port Royale 2, Sacred, FIFA (Series), Valkyrie Profile 2, The Movies, Pokémon (Series), Super Smash Brothers (Series), Legend of Zelda (Series), Dragon Quest (Series), Dwarf Fortress, Jade Empire, Mass Effect (Series), Dragon Age (Series), Baldur's Gate (Series), Age of Empires (Series), Colonisation.
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Dont have a top 3, because I can't choose between them but

Goldeneye (n64)
Ocarina of time
Soul calibur series
Fighters Megamix
Quake 2 but moreso Quake 3 (Q2 because of the engine, Q3 for the gameplay)
Shining Force 3 (Parts 1,2 + 3)

probably a ton more, but they come to mind first.
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I don't think I can stick to three or even order them so here is a few mentions

Football Manager Series: I must say this game has certainly got the power to get you addicted. Once you get further in the game, the knowledge of where all the youngsters are is gone and its up to you to find the next generation of stars and build them up. The various challenges such as youth only and non-league to Champions League just serve to show how much depth there is in the game.

PES Series: Everyone around me says FIFA is better but I don't think I'll ever agree with them. I've now played it for nearly ten years, and being 14 years old thats quite a lot. The smoother game play and ease of making my own teams has always enhanced my view of the game. Who could forget the famous Master League? The fantasy of the game rather than its perfect realism is why I think I'll always prefer PES to FIFA.

Unreal Tournament Series: A quality game, much better than COD (which I also play). The game has advanced so much over the years and UT3 was an epic game. The storyline and gameplay compliment each other very well. The amazing variations of guns and the last second twists make the game well worth playing.

Super Smash Bros Brawl: I can't really speak for the series as this is the only one I've played but I still love playing this game. The amazing variations of combos and items make it a wonderful game you can enjoy with your friends. Subspace Emissary (campaign) isn't too bad either, every creature poses a new challenge and it certainly keeps the game interesting.

Assassins Creed Series: Ok, the 1st one wasn't that interesting but without doubt Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood were both pretty amazing. The gameplay itself lets the player do almost anything they want. The addition of multiplayer to Brotherhood has certainly impressed me, to add to what is an almost perfect campaign with a good multiplayer makes it such a great game. The story never stops filling you with mystery and suspense, it makes you eager to play on and find out whats next.
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My top 5 is

1. Ultimate manager
2. fifa
3. Pes
4. Soccerstar
5. Shakes and Fidget
Im a super
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Is this a serious question? I cannot answer it. I'm 31 years old and have played computer games for almost 20 years now. My first games were Cats, Lemmings, Test Drive and Stunts.

In the 90s I played a lot with friends on their consoles (Super Nintendo, Megadrive, Commodore C64)...I bought my first computer in 1994.

I cannot just pick 3 or 5 games nor even rank them because I know far too many games. Here are some important games though:

o Street Fighter 2 (SNES) and 4 (PC), waiting for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition (PC)

o NBA Live series, now 2k series

o FIFA series, then PES, now FIFA again

o Heroes of Might and Magic

o Gothic 2!

o point and click adventures, riddle games: Day of the Tentacle, Myst series, Black Mirror series

o Age of Empires series

o The Settlers series

o Sim City series, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon...

o Super Mario World, SM Allstars (SNES), Mario Kart (SNES), Mario Kart and other Mario titles on the Gamecube

o I also like ToCa Race Driver, Colin Mc Rae, Dirt series, Grid series and the small but great freeware game GeneRally

o Doom 3, FarCry, F.E.A.R. ...

and finally...

o the ProPinball series!!! Timeshock! is pure gold, Fantastic Journey is cool, too...

...but to be honest, my favourite game is


...shortly to be replaced with the new title.
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Seb Houslek
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Seems a lot of people like Assassins Creed
I guess since this is pretty much a top 5 now, ill slip in assassins creed and pokemon on the end of mine.
btw, excellent shouts on baldurs gate, shining force and links awakening. I also thought final fantasy tactics advanced was a great game.
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