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Default annoyin gpeople

is there anyway to stop an annoying person joining our team wasting our advertisements?

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i've fallen plague recently to people (well, 1 particularly people ) using the open adverts to join the club only leave a message in the chat window pleading with me to join their club instead before leaving again straight away

i'm not a violent man - but i could happily rip this idiot's spine out

if you're such a one as employs such tactics, please do us all a favour and forget how to breathe
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... people trying to sponge off the achievements of another team - like, say, setting up a team called bravehearts after the original (and best) has been retired, and trying to claim some sort of affiliation :ag:
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Originally Posted by patrick88 View Post
... people trying to sponge off the achievements of another team - like, say, setting up a team called bravehearts after the original (and best) has been retired, and trying to claim some sort of affiliation :ag:
Just noticed this, Patrick.... I've lost an awful lot of respect for a certain player! WTF?
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do you know for sure who's involved matty?

reading between the lines, i'm not sure whether a certain player with the initial 'r' is still with us - seems his account might have been taken over - his spelling has certainly got worse all of a sudden

i've also heard the taker overer in question might be someone with the initial 'j'

all conjecture of course but i would never have expected 'r' to stoop to such depths given the friendly rivalry in the past
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If you know players who take over accounts please report them by sending an in-game ticket. Accounts may not be sold or given away for free.
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Wow.. Just looked that up.. Kinda pathetic..
I wanna say something witty like we're Barcelona (the original pass and move champions) and they're Arsenal (tryna be like us).. Nothing good comes to mind though, and I probably just made a slight fool of myself. Ahh well, got to have a dig at Arsenal.
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No mate i get what ur saying about Barca but dont dis arsenal
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have to agree with ayotoni that arsenal shouldn't be mocked - they're more than capable of mocking themselves :ag:

tbh leander, even if we got a whiff of a player account having been taken over, the game badly needs players so it makes more sense to keep silent - it's hard enough trawling through the thousands of players and teams who've been inactive for eons - and the rules never seem to matter while there are countless teams made up of obviously duplicated players (if it wasn't prohibited to name specific teams, i'd highlight warn0rpool in 5/68 as a for instance)
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Default Brave Hearts

why did rudieradford found "a new BraveHearts" ??? didnt he play for nottm reds???
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