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the problem with soccerstar is that it's a finite game

there's next to nothing in terms of actual gameplay - it's just click a couple of buttons to set a timer going, then come back when that's done and repeat - there are no tactics to speak of so the games become a side product

if you happen to be just a player in the squad, you might never even have control over the team settings anyway

so people will eventually get bored and the tide of new players needs to come along to keep things going - if there's no regular advertising, there's no new tide coming

perhaps if there were some real tactical considerations, it would brighten the game up but as it stands there's just so little gameplay

while i was still with the bravehearts, i never actually bothered watching the games at all by the end - the game itself was just something to do while i was chilling out in a chat room with some friends - i could just as easily have been sitting in any old chat room with those same friends - make a game of it and you might stand a chance

also, the old problem - there needs to be a diminishing return on training or some similar feature to allow newer players to draw closer to established players - the whole system of everyone progressing at the same rate just doesn't work - just look at any standard rpg where the experience points needed to level up gets exponentially larger