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For starters, the game hasn't been advertised well enough, i've only ever seen 1 advert for it, and that was the one that introduced me to the game, i've never heard of the game anywhere else.
It is also true that console gaming is massive in the uk and flash games offer very little stimulus in comparison. Compared to other flash games this one is very basic and to expensive for people to take seriously.
As far as i'm concerned, the basic premise of the game for most people is building your player to be the best, as team tactics are very basic and have too little influence, it soon becomes clear to a new comer that they are chasing the impossible dream, and basically wasting their time, with nothing else to stimulate them whilst their training.
We've allready seen some of the best players retire through boredom, bearing in mind that they've spent a lot of money here that speaks volumes to me!

In summary, the game is poorly advertised and supported for uk users, offers little in the way of features and competition, is too expensive and time consuming for demanding brits, and doesn't stack up well against other flash titles.

When it comes to competing in the british market, you have to go big or go home! This games going home! There's a reason why many successful foreign products fail in the uk, and why many companies come here first to test the premise of their products.
If playa are serious about the uk servers, their going to have raise their game, but i don't think they've got the will to do it.
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