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rob dee
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I think first of all there is a lot of competition...which may or may not be true of the other countries ?

I also think that in order to get high ratings in this game it either takes a v-e-r-y long time ...or you pay - quite a lot - to accelerate the process.

Additionally, the matchday games themselves are not 'exciting' - actions are too similar , have too few actions... look a little too 'cartoon-ish, and possibly offer too few variables that you can influence. I appreciate that some of those factors were positively built in to the programme to make it more of a 'fun thing' than a realistic simulation ...however I think that the people who play 'seriously' play to develop a winning team ...rather than to 'have fun'.

Non-browser games ...FM, Fifa, etc. are much more complex and allow much more control over the variables ( at least on the surface ). Browser games like Soccer Manager offer similar limited ability to influence the variables ...but don't place so much demand on your time in order to achieve success.

A fairly quick ...and rambling ... tour around my thoughts I know ... please do with them what you will

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