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Originally Posted by MrSam94 View Post
That's a possibility.. They may just be after fame as well though..
Mate, in these specific groups, the teams in the 4th league are not stronger than in the 5th so it can't be for fame.

Creating reserve teams to help new players and have a feeder for the main team is acceptable... however using this as a medium for conveniently screw regular teams in the lower divisions by using the most skilled players against them when it suits them IS WRONG AN FRUSTRATING.

I don't mind to lose but I mind to be cheated. And if you think that this isn't cheating because it's allowed in the rules than the rules suck big time.

PS the captain of the first team admited he sent his skilled players to the reserves because they asked for them. Honestly, what happened to fair play?

-their main goalkeeper just returned to the first team, lets see what happens with the others.

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