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Leander 06.10.2011 13:46

Games & the UK?
The UK community of all our three games is small. There is still only one server for SoccerStar while other countries have more:

S&F servers:

Hungary: 3
Czech Republic: 4
Poland: 5

Why is that? Are browser games in the UK less popular? Is the game too expensive? Do teenagers have less time for computer games due to the school system, for example? What are the reasons?

06.10.2011 13:55

I think first of all there is a lot of competition...which may or may not be true of the other countries ?

I also think that in order to get high ratings in this game it either takes a v-e-r-y long time ...or you pay - quite a lot - to accelerate the process.

Additionally, the matchday games themselves are not 'exciting' - actions are too similar , have too few actions... look a little too 'cartoon-ish, and possibly offer too few variables that you can influence. I appreciate that some of those factors were positively built in to the programme to make it more of a 'fun thing' than a realistic simulation ...however I think that the people who play 'seriously' play to develop a winning team ...rather than to 'have fun'.

Non-browser games ...FM, Fifa, etc. are much more complex and allow much more control over the variables ( at least on the surface ). Browser games like Soccer Manager offer similar limited ability to influence the variables ...but don't place so much demand on your time in order to achieve success.

A fairly quick ...and rambling ... tour around my thoughts I know ... please do with them what you will

Leander 06.10.2011 14:13

Thanks for your feedback. :) ...but the other servers would have the problems you mentioned, too. How long it takes to level your player up, the money for :star: purchases...the competition. Still, other countries have far more players and that's why I am looking for an answer.

06.10.2011 15:12

Yes true ... maybe there is something specific about the British character ...certainly evidence shows that young people here easily become bored and often have a relatively short attention span... maybe there is something intrinsic in the media/the socialisation process/other things which makes a relatively long term strategy less appealing for many young people ?

dave forey 06.10.2011 16:11

only play soccerstar so can only comment on that, but personally think it's far too expensive to buy stars. And what you get for your money isn't really worth it.

I also play on the US server as well as the UK, and on the UK game, if I want to buy stars with paypal the minimum i have to spend is 9.99 whereas on the US server the minimum is $4.99 which in 's is less than 3.50-4.00 depeding on exchange rate.

Makes it a very expensive game if you want to do well.

lukeb 06.10.2011 16:16

For starters, the game hasn't been advertised well enough, i've only ever seen 1 advert for it, and that was the one that introduced me to the game, i've never heard of the game anywhere else.
It is also true that console gaming is massive in the uk and flash games offer very little stimulus in comparison. Compared to other flash games this one is very basic and to expensive for people to take seriously.
As far as i'm concerned, the basic premise of the game for most people is building your player to be the best, as team tactics are very basic and have too little influence, it soon becomes clear to a new comer that they are chasing the impossible dream, and basically wasting their time, with nothing else to stimulate them whilst their training.
We've allready seen some of the best players retire through boredom, bearing in mind that they've spent a lot of money here that speaks volumes to me!

In summary, the game is poorly advertised and supported for uk users, offers little in the way of features and competition, is too expensive and time consuming for demanding brits, and doesn't stack up well against other flash titles.

When it comes to competing in the british market, you have to go big or go home! This games going home! There's a reason why many successful foreign products fail in the uk, and why many companies come here first to test the premise of their products.
If playa are serious about the uk servers, their going to have raise their game, but i don't think they've got the will to do it.

Gibster 06.10.2011 16:42

I think the problem with the game in this country come down to star packages far to expensive and i just dont think their was enough advertisement.. for a start in this country we dont play Soccer we play football.. so anyone searching for online games in the uk would mainly be searching for Football manager etc.. or football games.. not soccer games...

So the name of the site for the uk market automaticly shrinks the chance dramaticly of someone searching the game out.. and relaying on the advertisments that are few and far between..

So to wrap this up i think the name of the site has been detrimental to the sites growth.. as many will be looking for football games to play

patrick88 06.10.2011 20:15

the problem with soccerstar is that it's a finite game

there's next to nothing in terms of actual gameplay - it's just click a couple of buttons to set a timer going, then come back when that's done and repeat - there are no tactics to speak of so the games become a side product

if you happen to be just a player in the squad, you might never even have control over the team settings anyway

so people will eventually get bored and the tide of new players needs to come along to keep things going - if there's no regular advertising, there's no new tide coming

perhaps if there were some real tactical considerations, it would brighten the game up but as it stands there's just so little gameplay

while i was still with the bravehearts, i never actually bothered watching the games at all by the end - the game itself was just something to do while i was chilling out in a chat room with some friends - i could just as easily have been sitting in any old chat room with those same friends - make a game of it and you might stand a chance

also, the old problem - there needs to be a diminishing return on training or some similar feature to allow newer players to draw closer to established players - the whole system of everyone progressing at the same rate just doesn't work - just look at any standard rpg where the experience points needed to level up gets exponentially larger

Mukashi Mukashi 07.10.2011 21:27

I can't comment about the other games but a big problem for Soccer Star's UK server is that it is at

If you hear about a wonderful new game called Soccer Star and do a google search in the UK your number 1 result is, the US server. A website linking to the UK server comes in at result number 9 and doesn't appear itself until page 2.

It is quite likely that a proportion of players that would have joined the UK server are now on the US one.

andhar 08.10.2011 09:02

I agree with gibster and mukashi!! I had to add the game to my favourites cos its hard to find the right one in google search! I started playing on the usa server as i didnt realise there was a uk one, my husband come across it while browsing. Gibster is right about the name too people in the uk wont search for the word soccer it would be football!! It is an expensive game but its expensive in all countries so i dont think its just the money part, try some better advertising :)

Ms.G 09.10.2011 00:08

Maybe Football is a too serious business in the UK to care about a game that is focused on the "funny" cartoonish aspect? :ad:

garfield 09.10.2011 14:27


Originally Posted by Leander (Post 8718)
The UK community of all our three games is small. There is still only one server for SoccerStar while other countries have more:

S&F servers:

Hungary: 3
Czech Republic: 4
Poland: 5

Why is that? Are browser games in the UK less popular? Is the game too expensive? Do teenagers have less time for computer games due to the school system, for example? What are the reasons?

the reason is here in the UK we get bored very easily and to be honest soccer star is not a game to keep us entertained for a long period of time and to make us spend hard earned money we want to see something which will keep us entertained for more than just 1-2hrs max a day (for players who can not buy stars) and even if you do buy stars its still the same its boring there are games out there which are 100x better than soccer star and if playa wants to break the UK market it will have to do a hell of alot better than the rubbish its putting out now because S&F is going the same way in the UK and bloodmoon will go the same way

Leander 09.10.2011 16:04

Thank you for your feedback so far. I know that soccer is American English and I told them not to use it apart from the US versions...but they still decided to call the game SoccerStar.

Gibster 09.10.2011 21:23

Should have listened just asking a few of my facebook friends i know from gaming on FB.. They also were in agreement they would never end up finding it on google as they would be looking for football

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