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SpeedyG 07.10.2011 17:53

Final season for me.
After long thought and time thinking, this unfortunately will be my last season on here and the game.

It's been a blast and great to meet new friends and had fun playing the game with new people, but I feel my time is up now.

Will miss many of you, but I can't really go further now at least I've managed to go up to the top league in the old system and new system, so winning the 2nd league will be my pinnacle..

Cheers all, it's been fun. :bi::ay:

07.10.2011 17:56

Noo dont go dont leave

Gibster 07.10.2011 18:04

Its been a blast.. happy hunting fella..

minimessi7 07.10.2011 18:10

awww... that's a shame, I would have liked to play alongside you one day but oh well, have a good life! :)

Ze Bertinho 07.10.2011 20:08

You did all right, Speedy. I may go back to the Sless when you leave...

MrSam94 08.10.2011 09:59

Sad to see ya go man. Lost another personality in quick succession on the forum, not good :\

lukeb 08.10.2011 14:48

Good luck to you speedy, seems the way of things now, think i've got 2 or 3 seasons left myself, and then i'll never play another playa game in my life!

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